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We are committed to building quality homes that exceed our clients’ expectations. Together, we strive to achieve the best outcome by thoroughly considering the details of your project. Throughout the process, we work collaboratively, ensuring decisions are both functional and meet your unique needs. Our goal is to make your home reflect what matters most to you; a warm, comfortable, and beautiful place designed to fit your lifestyle.

Crafting Dreams into Reality: A Sustainable Oasis in Tadmor Valley with Marshall Builders

In the heart of Tadmor Valley, Aaryn and Brooke embarked on a remarkable journey to build their dream home, and with Marshall Builders by their side, their vision is set to become a stunning reality.

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“Our house build stands out for a few reasons,” shares Aaryn. “We worked with an architect to create a passive solar designed home with high levels of energy efficiency. Not only is it efficient, but it’s also built to the highest standard, promising amazing flow and liveability.”

At the core of their vision lies a commitment to environmental sustainability and entertainment, seamlessly integrated into every aspect of the home’s design. “We love that this home encapsulates our ethos,” Aaryn emphasises. “It will be enjoyed not just by our family but also our friends who will get to party with us.”

Marshall Builders’ dedication to quality craftsmanship has been exemplary throughout the project. “Marshall Builders have done an outstanding job when it comes to quality,” Aaryn praises. “In all areas, they have excelled in their execution, going well beyond building code thermal levels and opting for non-toxic products and technical details.”

The collaborative spirit fostered by Marshall Builders has been instrumental in fostering a positive and efficient working relationship. “They have been very flexible and accommodating,” Aaryn reflects. “Their willingness to allow us to work on specific areas of the project to save money and their nimbleness in addressing budget or technical issues have been invaluable.”

Central to the project’s success has been Marshall Builders’ meticulous project management approach. “Project management has been clear and thorough,” Aaryn acknowledges. “Their support throughout the inherently complex decision-making process has streamlined our experience.”

Despite facing challenges, such as budget constraints, Marshall Builders demonstrated unwavering support and understanding. “The cost of building an amazing home with exceptionally high standards contributed to us falling short of the money required to completely finish the project,” Aaryn explains. “Marshall Builders agreed to step away from the project before completion to allow us to finish in stages, enabling us to create the home of our dreams over 2-3 years.”

As the construction progresses, Aaryn and Brooke eagerly anticipate the day they can step into their sustainable oasis in Tadmor Valley, a testament to their shared vision and the unparalleled craftsmanship of Marshall Builders.

Brooke’s comment: I just wanted to let you know that the house looks great and we are super proud and excited and grateful to you and your team. It’s been super fun working with all of you. You are a great crew. Very skilled. I totally trust everyone on site. It feels like you were the team that were meant to build this house.

Transforming Dreams into Reality: A Renovation Journey with Marshall Builders in Kohatu

Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Kohatu, a young family found themselves faced with a daunting yet exciting project – a complete renovation. What once seemed like an impossible task turned into a remarkable transformation, thanks to the expertise and dedication of Marshall Builders.

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“The team at Marshall Builders were diligent at their work and we were always kept up to date with progress,” recalls Lisa. “All extra work was discussed and agreed upon before commencing. Fantastic communication.”

The project encompassed a complete overhaul, including roof repairs, bathroom and kitchen renovations, and a comprehensive facelift that breathed new life into every corner of the home. They were initially met with scepticism from friends and family who doubted the potential of the rundown property, but Lisa and Tradd had a vision. 

One of the most captivating aspects of the renovated home is its unique charm, seamlessly blending rustic wooden beams with modern flair. “We love the uniqueness of our home,” shares Lisa. “The renovations preserved the character perfectly while adding a modern flare that we love.”

Throughout the renovation journey, the team at Marshall Builders demonstrated unparalleled professionalism and dedication. Every builder and staff member exemplified politeness, personability, and respect, ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience for the couple. From minor details to major milestones, every task was executed to the highest standard, reflecting Marshall Builders’ unwavering commitment to excellence.

Central to the project’s success was Lilly’s exceptional project management skills. “Lilly’s project management was a game changer for us,” expresses Lisa. “The whole process was seamless and relaxing because of this, she organised all contractors and the order of work.”

In the midst of the renovation, a minor hiccup arose when they realised they had chosen the wrong-sized bathtub. However, a single phone call to Lilly swiftly resolved the issue, with a larger bathtub arranged at minimal cost. This instance exemplified Marshall Builders’ commitment to client satisfaction and their willingness to go above and beyond to ensure every aspect of the renovation exceeded expectations.

As the dust settled and the final touches were put in place, the renovated home stood as a testament to the collaborative effort between Tradd, Lisa and Marshall Builders. What was once a tired and neglected property now shines with renewed vitality, offering a warm and inviting sanctuary for the family to create cherished memories for years to come.

Feature New Home Build - A Hillside Masterpiece

This executive styled and high quality build with its 241 m2 was designed to capture the impressive views of Tasman Bay. Built on a Cupolex foundation with edge slab insulation and insulation in all internal walls this house provides warmth and comfort.

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On the large plot of 2726 m2 there is room to unfold. Engineered timber floorings and and stairs, tiled bathrooms, gorgeous 2.7m high glazing with Low E Max, a large Kwila decks and a small patio for shade and wind-protection, two living rooms and so much more.

The house sold off the plans before a sod was turned. Antonieta and Ron van Moorsel had been flying back and forth from Wellington searching for a home in Nelson for months. “It really was our last go,” says Ron, “and a very lucky find by Antonieta indeed.”

“We have so appreciated Steve and Lilly’s attention to detail everywhere,” says Ron. “There is no cutting of corners which makes for such a wonderful finish in both the aspects you can see and all the ones you can’t.”

“They are the best builders we have ever worked with,” says Ron.
“They worked exceptionally hard to get everything completed to a very high standard. They always gave us their full attention, even on weekends which were the only times we could come to Nelson to keep up with progress. Their communication was top notch and they always did exactly what they said they would.”

It is a home that is lovely to come home to,” says Antonieta. “It is not only beautifully built, but it has a warm, homely feel which we really enjoy.

What dreams are made of

Introducing this classic, elegant family home completed in 2020 by Marshall Builders. Boasting timeless sophistication and contemporary comfort, the design of this new home seamlessly blends elegance with functionality. The open-plan layout, vaulted ceilings, and engineered oak flooring create a spacious and inviting atmosphere, perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing with family. With a light and airy colour scheme and soft carpets, this family home provides the ideal space to grow and create lasting memories. 

Custom joinery in the kitchen gives a personalised touch, while the engineered stone benchtops and high-quality European finishes elevate the contemporary style of this home. The warm and energy-efficient design ensures year-round comfort, with a ducted heat pump with heat recovery and thermally broken windows.  

Designed in collaboration with an architectural designer and built by Steve and his team at Marshall Builders, this house was sold just prior to completion. The new owners fell in love with the quality and interior design choices and after having looked at multiple houses before, they commented ‘There is just nothing comparable on the market with regard to quality and finishes.’ 

Great family home with incredible views

Finished and handed over to the client in December 2020.

A home out of the box for sun and timber lovers

Finished and handed over to the client in August 2020.

Expandable & Relocatable New Home Build

A house that can be expanded or moved for future changes, also featuring large sliding walls and huge window areas for maximum usage of sunlight hours.

Caring beyond building.



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