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Employment coaching and consulting


Are you at the start of your career and want to minimise those unnecessary drawbacks and frustrations that often come with a job search? Or are you stuck in a job situation that does not reflect what you need or want? I would like to listen to your story and find out, together with you, what that place needs to be where you will be valued as the “you” who you are. We will also look at what potentially needs to be changed. I am convinced that everyone who has skills, motivation and a good presentation (documents and interview) will find a suitable job no matter what the obstacles are. I would like to guide you to pursue that job with confidence.

Client’s review:

“After two job interviews that didn`t lead to success a friend recommended Lilly Minnich as a coach for preparation for the next interview. In less than 90 minutes we covered the central issues and I was greatly encouraged to face the next challenge. This time with success. Lilly is a great, warm and understanding coach, who listens behind the words and gets you to the points where you need to grow. Thank you, Lilly!” 


Client’s review:

Our son Reuben finished High School und couldn’t find the right education. After having dropped out of several institutions, he was stuck at a gas station earning pocket money. We asked Lilly for a job coaching, and through that, Reuben gained new confidence. He began to understand himself, his strong and weak points, and started to think more analytical concerning his job decision. At that time, he took heart and asked for a work trial at a manufacturer of tiled ovens. The first week was physically very hard. But nethertheless he continued. Later they employed him as a construction helper and after some more weeks he decided to start his job apprenticeship at this business. He is now very happy with his choice, the colleagues and with the working atmosphere. He intends to stay long-term at that company, assured of a good educational future there with high quality oven constructions. In retrospect, it was the very best idea to ask Lilly in that desperate situation, because she had the special sensitivity and unique personality to find access and gain confidence to a young man who would definitely not be willing to listen to just any career consultant. We are so thankful for the support we got from Lilly.


Some of the areas we could look at:

  • Suitable jobs for you
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Personality
  • Potential obstacles to overcome
  • CV and cover letter
  • Interview

Business coaching and consulting

As a business owner, there are multiple hats to wear, many tasks to juggle and creative problem-solutions to find. Sometimes, that can be overwhelming. Some issues seem unsolvable and the every-day experience is frustrating. Maybe you are very good at what you do at the core of the business, but setting up a structure to run the business feels too big of a task. Often, reflecting with someone outside of the business helps you to gain a new understanding and a new focus. My practical solutions-based approach integrates multiple perspectives and helps you to tackle your obstacles. I carefully listen to what is important to you and what you think needs to change. Together, we find ways and solutions that will lead you to where you want to be – step by step. It is my passion to see leaders to be happy with who they are and what they do.

Client’s review:

“When I started my health coaching business, I felt overwhelmed. Lilly provided the support and encouragement I needed to develop my business plan, achieve my goals, and stay accountable. I highly recommend working with her.”


Some of the areas we could look at:

  • Organisational culture
  • Building a great team
  • Time management and priorities
  • Creating a structure that works 
  • Organising finances
  • Business planning
  • You as a leader
  • Communication 

About Lilly

A little bit about the beginnings of my work life: Shortly after my business administration degree I was offered a role as controller where I set up systems, budgets, forecasts and other analytical data that were foundational for decisions. I was invited to be part of the management board and was involved in many change projects that were essential to the success of the company. Because I had great connections with the other employees from different departmens I was able to understand how decisions influenced people and morale. It gave me a wide understanding of business contexts and their challenges. Leading on from there I took up other opportunities as team leader, quality and branch manager.

When I had my two beautiful children I decided to start to my own business as job coach where I could use my experience hiring and leading people. During that time, I discovered my passion for coaching. It was rewarding to see how my clients were not only able to improve their job situation but also gain a deeper understanding about themselves.

I moved with my husband and our two kids to beautiful Nelson in January 2019. After my postgraduate studies in Applied Management at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) I started working alongside Steve, the owner of Marshall Builders. Together, we shape the business according to our values with empathy, passion and a high quality approach.  Not every business can hire a business manager. Therefore I am offering my support for any business owner or leader who would like to get an outside perspective and support for whatever challenge they are facing. 

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