Do it once, do it right.

We are committed to building quality homes that exceed our clients’ expectations. Together, we strive to achieve the best outcome by thoroughly considering the details of your project. Throughout the process, we work collaboratively, ensuring decisions are both functional and meet your unique needs. Our goal is to make your home reflect what matters most to you; a warm, comfortable, and beautiful place designed to fit your lifestyle.

Marshall Builders Team

About us

Marshall Builders, led by Licensed Building Practitioner Steve Marshall, operates throughout the Nelson Tasman region, offering a diverse range of services. Our commitment is to building quality homes, ensuring every project exceeds expectations.

Our main motto is ‘Do it once. Do it right’, emphasising the quality building expected from Marshall Builders, and the dedication to ensuring each client’s needs are our priority. Explore our recent projects or contact Steve Marshall to discuss your next building or renovation project.

Meet The Team

Steve Marshall, Nelson

Steve Marshall

Steve provides an atmosphere of trust and graciousness where clients, employees and subcontractors feel respected and valued. He cares about the quality of all building work and allows for everyone to contribute with their strengths. He brings in ideas and often thinks outside the box. Humble, yet confident in what is important to him, Steve is a true example of how a business with a people focus can run successfully. 

Lilly Minnich, Nelson

Lilly Minnich

Ah the amazing Lilly… Lilly is so amazingly dedicated to the company that she often has to be told to stop working and go rest or take a day off. She is so great at helping/making  the company run on all fronts that I don’t know what we would do without her. She is passionate and talented in so many areas.

To only name a few… business and project management, extremely professional, job details and quality, HR, interior design, client relations, communication, networking, admin, career and leadership coaching.. the list goes on!

Coaching Services by Lilly – Lilly also offers services based on her extensive experience as a job coach and manager in different roles. Click here to read more.

Ryan, Marshall Builders


Our foreman Ryan is a great guy who likes a challenge, he is very experienced and clever, is project oriented, has a great memory and foresight for details on each job, and isn’t afraid to check or ask questions on something he doesn’t understand. He is a dedicated man who takes on responsibility, starts early and works late, on his own initiative. He works in really well with clients and takes care for each area, the job, Marshall Builders, and the client.

Dan, Marshall Builders


Our man Dan is a top man. He is very detailed and precise with his work and his communication. His vehicle cleanliness and organisation is the best on the team and if you ever want the best or most useful tools… you ask Dan. He is a great teacher, co-worker, team member, and very calm and trustworthy. He is so dedicated we sometimes have to remind him not to work longer than 6 or 7pm.

Craig, Marshall Builders


Craig is one of the coolest guys to have around. While he is a great and experienced builder he is also a laugh a minute type of guy who brings a lot of joy to our lives! Nothing really fazes him onsite and he calmly goes about the job day in and day out while working in well with anyone he’s around.

Juri, Marshall Builders


Juri or “Pops”.. as we all teasingly call him is a very clever man who, is quickly learning a new trade, is super detailed, and thinks outside the box. He is a very hard worker who loves to get on with the job but also loves to know the ins and outs as well as the big picture on every job. He carries a lot of weight around in his tool belt and is always good for a laugh or a tease. 

Aryel, Marshall Builders


Aryel is our little smiler. She always brings a smile and a good atmosphere to the job site. She is a steady and strong little worker who is great to tease and not to shy about giving as good as she gets. She is a dedicated learner who loves to build and isn’t afraid to give something a go. 

Why did Steve start Marshall Builders?

Watch the video below to learn more.

Caring beyond building.



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